Claim Recoveries

GMSCL enjoys an excellent track record in recovering claims on behalf of subrogated underwriters.

This is due to the wealth of experience obtained in the Maritime Industry throughout the years and by continuously keeping abreast with the latest changes in legislation around the world.

Through established negotiating channels with Marine Insurers on the one hand and Transport Operators on the other, most recoveries are made commercially and in the least time frame possible thus ensuring quick reimbursement of any outlay made.  This will benefit both insurer and insured especially during insurance negotiations and/or keeps the client’s claims records within reasonable levels allowing room for reasonable premiums to be charged.

Our recovery services are also sought by uninsured clients and/or clients who have a high first loss retention.

All work related to Recoveries is carried out on the traditional “NO CURE NO PAY” basis.


Claim Recoveries - Please contact Us for more detailsOur clients include:-

  • Cargo Underwriters
  • Marine Liability Underwriters
  • P&I Clubs
  • Ship Owners / Charterers / Ship Agents
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Trailer Owners and Operators
  • Ports & Terminals
  • Individual Clients