GMSCL’s extensive experience with the international cargo transportation industry enables it to offer consultancy to individual companies in managing claims for marine and transit risks and casualties, investigations, and legal follow up together with continuous claims guidance and loss prevention.

Our vast technical, legal, and practical knowledge of the international cargo transportation chain together with hands-on expertise allows us to enter into claims handling agreements which are attractive to those clients requiring a first class claims service without the associated fixed costs and investment in staff and senior management time.

In doing so we can closely understand the individual client’s business operations and processes, providing personalised consultancy attention to our clients’ requirements based on mutual trust, confidence, and integrity.

Consultancy services includeConsultancy Services - Please contact Us for more details

  • Help in identifying the nature and methods used in the various cargo handling operations.
  • Provide expertise in properly applying International regulations required for the different modes of carriage of various cargoes.
  • Recommend and implement loss prevention / minimization measures.
  • Provide Liability Investigations and claims.
  • Assess truck accidents.
  • Provide assistance to Insurers and Insured on claims, recoveries.
  • Discuss with lawyers, agents, suppliers and consignees and other entities directly relating to the international movement of cargoes.