GMSC Ltd. is proud to provide a number of highly specialized services in the marine industry, backed by a number of years of experience and success in the field.

Most cargoes are transported by road at one point or another. Sometimes the entire transportation is by road while in other cases the cargo is only picked up and/or delivered by truck while the longest transportation is carried out via ocean, air or rail

GMSCL has extensive experience with the international cargo transportation industry, providing its consultancy and surveying services to all types of marine related risks, casualties, inspecting all kinds of cargo and handling complex maritime related claims involving substantial amounts.  GMSCL offers its professional services to the following interests among others:

  • Freight Forwarders
  • Cargo Underwriters
  • Shipping Companies
  • Ports
  • P & I Clubs
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Ship owners
  • Law firms
  • Air Cargo Companies
  • Stevedores
  • Charterers
  • Trucking Companies
  • Shippers and Consignees
  • Buyers and Sellers




Surveying ServicesGeneral Marine Services & Consultancy Limited has behind her a total of more than 60 years’ experience in cargo surveying and provides a complete service which includes ascertaining the extent of cargo damage, the cause of damage and liability and the interpretation of the extent and liability within the parameters of the conditions of carriage be it Bill of Lading for the carriage of containers/loose cargo by sea, CMR for the carriage of goods by trailer and the Montreal Convention for the carriage of goods by air. The company surveyors extend their services in providing both to their Principals as well as to the other parties involved a professional and unbiased interpretation of the Maritime Laws and Conventions involved in the case in question so that a clear and defined process would be understood by all parties involved in a particular case. The services also comprise the comprehensive assistance in cases involving Court proceedings.

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Consultancy ServicesGMSCL’s extensive experience with the international cargo transportation industry allows us to provide individual companies consultancy in managing claims for marine and transit risks and casualties, investigations and legal follow up together with continuous claims guidance and loss prevention.

Our vast technical, legal and practical knowledge of the international cargo transportation chain together with hands-on expertise allows us to enter into claims handling agreements which are attractive to those clients who require a first class claims service

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Risk Management

Risk ManagementBy understanding the specific requirements of clients involved in international cargo transportation GMSCL can evaluate the risks involved and thus offer tailor made crisis planning and response, which are also a requisite when the risk needs to be insured. Underwriters will favourably look at the risk management practices already in place resulting in the appropriate cover being offered to clients with adequate premium charged.

GMSCL risk management expertise allows our clients to obtain through a single point contact assistance in assessing, managing and covering all risks

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Claim Recoveries

Claim RecoveriesGMSCL enjoys an excellent track record in recovering claims on behalf of subrogated underwriters.

This is due to the wealth of experience obtained in the Maritime Industry throughout the years and by continuously keeping abreast with the latest changes in legislation around the world.

Through established negotiating channels with Marine Insurers on the one hand and Transport Operators on the other, most recoveries are made commercially and in the least time frame possible thus ensuring quick reimbursement of any outlay made. This will benefit both insurer and insured especially during insurance negotiations

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