GMSCL has over 40 years’ experience in cargo surveying providing a complete service including ascertaining extent of cargo and cause of damage, liability and interpreting these within the parameters of the conditions of carriage under Bill of Lading for the carriage of containers/loose cargo by sea, CMR for the carriage of goods by trailer and the Montreal Convention for the carriage of goods by air.

The company surveyors extend their services in providing  an independent and impartial interpretation of the Maritime Laws and Conventions to all parties involved. The services also include the comprehensive assistance in cases involving Court proceedings local and abroad.

We provide the following servicesSurveying Services - Please contact Us for more details

  • Claim investigation and management, loss adjusting and settlement.
  • Various cargo damage Surveys.
  • Freight liability surveys.
  • Non-delivery, short shipped cargoes.
  • Theft and pilferage investigations.
  • Coordinate salvage of damaged cargoes.
  • Sale of damaged goods on the salvage market.
  • Household goods / personal effects.
  • Expert witness.
  • Pre-loading and out-turn surveys.
  • Cargo securing supervision.
  • Containerized and refrigerated cargoes.
  • Project cargo / Inspection of cargo securing measures for international / local transport including heavy lifts.
  • Other related services.

Container / Trailer physical damage

  • Assessing repair costs and DRV values.